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Thinecron's Gold Guide 1/5

Zuggy's Gold Guide 0/5 (No-Cataclysm)

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Warcraft Wealth 0/5 (No-Cataclysm)

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Warcraft Millionaire

Information is up to date as of patch 3.3

Warcraft Millionaire was written by Brad Johnson, one of World of Warcraft's richest players. The guide was developed after Brad reached the gold cap on multiple characters. When the word got out he started receiving massive amounts of in-game tells and emails daily asking him how he did it. Of course after helping a few people Brad decided to just write all of his information down, and that is how the Warcraft Millionaire guide was born. 

 Visit the Official Warcraft Millionaire Site >>

Warcraft Millionaire Package

Key Facts

Ease of Use - Comes as 8 individual guides for different parts of the game. 

Frequency of Updates - Updates have come from the launch of new expansions. (With Cataclysm coming soon expect an update) 

Faction Specific - The guide can be used for both the Horde and Alliance Factions.

Price - $47 for all 8 of the gold guide modules. (Also includes an 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from Brad)  

Other Offers - Included in the Warcraft Millionaire Package:

  1. 1-60 Gold Guide
  2. 60-70 Gold Guide
  3. 70-80 Gold Guide
  4. Warcraft Basics Guide
  5. Auction House Guide
  6. Daily Quests Guide
  7. Limited Items Report
  8. Grinding for Gold Guide

Warcraft Millionaire Review


Warcraft Millionaire 1 to 60 Blueprint

1 to 60 Warcraft Millionaire Guide

This is one of the original guides that Brad created to help new players make gold while leveling. The guide covers a lot of the different aspects of farming and making gold while getting your toon from 1 to 60. Now while the amount of gold you are going to make at these lower levels is not amazing by any right. You will still have more gold then most other characters of your same level. If you are just starting out, or do not have a level 80 toon on the realm already. Then this guide can help you make up enough gold to buy better leveling items off of the auction house as well as level your professions.

Some inclusions in this guide are modules explaining where and when to find rare pets. As well as some of the best grinding spots for gold and items before heading to outland.


Warcraft Millionaire 60 to 70 Blueprint

60 to 70 Warcraft Millionaire Guide

Just as before with the 1 to 60 guide this guide will cover ways to make gold while leveling from 60 to 70 in outland. Of course now that leveling has been sped up in the outland area you will not go to all the zones like you used to. Of course if you are hurting for gold, it will be within your best interest to travel to some of these zones to do certain gold farming tasks.

This guide like the one before it will cover locations of rare recipes that even in Wrath of the Lich King still sell well on the auction house.


Warcraft Millionaire 70 to 80 Blueprint


70 to 80 Warcraft Millionaire Guide

The module created for the new Wrath of the Lich King Expansion includes what the other modules did before but also a little more. This is most likely one of the main guides you will be reading and using as 70 to 80 is when the real gold

making process begins. The guide covers making money with the different professions as well as farming locations for Eternals.

A lot of the more popular ways to make gold in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion are covered in this guide.


Warcraft Basics Guide

Warcraft Millionaire Basics Guide

This guide is most likely a guide that a lot of players would skip reading but that is a mistake. The guide while not exactly created to give you gold farming ideas, will still put you a notch above the rest of the WoW player base with insight into how this player based economy works.

Some of the topics in this guide become a kind of "Ah-Ha" moment for most players. It covers topic probably not delved into by a lot of the current WoW player base.


The Auction House Domination GuideAuction House Domination Guide

This guide covers where a lot of the real large chunks of gold are made in World of Warcraft. 99% of people who use the auction house in WoW are doing it all wrong and this guide covers the right way to do things. Covering topics such as smart control of the auction house as well as ways to make other players work for you in a sense.

This guide gives the tips and hints on how you can pretty much become a big name player on your realms auction house. When it comes down to it, playing the auction house is one of the best ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. Think of it like a WoW Stock market, where you want to buy low and sell high. Do this with many different types of items and you will make gold fairly easy.


Daily Quests Guide

Warcraft Millionaire Daily Quest

Like the title shows this guide is all about daily questing. Of course when you do dailies the whole goal is to do them as fast and efficiently as possible. This guide covers both Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King dailies. So no matter what level you are at you have the option to get a nice chunk of gold each day. The guide ranks the dailies based on a 5 star rating system. This shows you which dailies in each zone are the most worth doing and which are defiantly skipable. The guide explains how to do each quest as well as covers which pre-quests will be needed to do the dailies.


Limited Items Report

Warcraft Millionaire Limited Items

One of the more old fashioned ways to make gold, but still one of the best. The guide covers certain items that can only be purchased occasionally. Things like recipes for professions, unique items, and pets can be purchased from vendors and then sold on the auction house.

The thing about this is a lot of the time people will not know the item is buyable from a vendor and will pay whatever they see reasonable to obtain the item. This allows you to in a sense control a market for "rare" items, as long as you grab the items from the vendors first.


Grinding Guide

Warcraft Millionaire Grinding Guide

This guide will cover areas and mobs worth grinding, for either selling items that drop or keeping them yourself. These items include vanity pets, vanity gear, and even "special" items. There are still some vanity pets that sell for quite a bit on the realms because of the achievement tied into how many unique pets you own, as well as people just wanting cool and unusual things. Personally I would never grind for a pet, but in some cases it may very well be worth it.



Final Verdict


A lot can be said about the information you will find in the Warcraft Millionaire guide package. Each guide itself is very well written and easy to follow, the information contained is also good for most WoW players. For the price Warcraft Millionaire is defiantly a sure thing, but I do have some cons ot the guide. One of those is the fact that it is not updated every patch or big economic change. Patch changes and economic swings can of course effect how much something is worth. While the guides contained are not all specific to being up to date with the current in ways to make gold, it does kind of count down for the package.

Overall ranking Warcraft Millionaire at a 4 out of 5 seems to make the most sense. The guide is great and for any WoW player you are sure to find and be able to use a lot of the information. The only thing holding this guide back from a perfect 5 out of 5 is if it had frequent updates. Hopefully this review will help you in making your purchasing decision.

All The Best,



Visit the Official Warcraft Millionaire Site >>

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